The Simple way to solve syllogism

                     Guys, the most interesting part in our infosys pattern is syllogism. 🙂 I was trying to solve that using logical implication for a quite time,which was really time consuming for me. Even I couldn’t be comfort with the ven diagram method which was taught during our training period. Finally I have inferred some rules for eliminating the options after a long battle, here they are:

1.SOME+SOME can not lead to a conclusion

2.ALL+SOME or SOME+ALL or NO+ALL or ALL+ NO will lead to only a “particular “ result. That is., the conclusion must be in the form of either in SOMEor in NO,Corresponding to the premises type.

3.The third one is, If all A’s are B’s, All B’s are C’s then the conclusion never includes B. B is called middle term here. Some where in the internet I heard this Middle term.

This is simply for eliminating the options, After that you can apply your own strategy as you wish either Ven Dia or Logical Implication(of course, I do Logical implication).

Try here itself:

Type2: example

Statement : Some watches are hens. All hens are wall clocks.

Conclusions :

I. All watches are wall clocks

II. some wall clocks are hens.


a) Only I can be true always

b) Only II can be true always

c) Both I and II can be true always

d) Both I and II cannot be true always

Option b is the correct answer.

As per the rule 2, there is no way for ALL(so eliminate option I), so go for CHECKING option 2, Why I am insisting this here na, there are some possibilities for both being wrong. You Blindly go for B options UNLESS the options declare anything like 3.

As I said early it just eliminating process, for truthfulness of rest of the statements pls go for a try

Type 3

All animals are monkeys. All monkeys are reptiles.

Conclusions :

I. All monkeys are animals.

II. All animals are reptiles.


a) Only I can be true always

b) Only II can be true always

c) Both I and II can be true always

d) Both I and II cannot be true always

Option b is the right answer.

Hope This will be useful for you. If you find this as something good. Please leave a comment. Happy to here you. Thanks for reading 🙂

Wis u All the Best 


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  1. i dont know who you are dude….you are awesome this is what i searched for

  2. really nice work machi…!!!!!!!!!!

  3. really looking very nice,good work….

  4. This is usefull for last day preparetion da now only see your post is awsome one da:-):-)

  5. seems 2 be quite useful:) thanx….

  6. nice dude …………

  7. Thanks a lot.

  8. its realy usefull

  9. good tricks friend. Thank you.

  10. thnx dear.. have u any more solution????

  11. Jyoti Manchanda

    No doubt , this is helpul dear but its not complete coz now a days 3 conclusions r there in every question, so to get accurate answer, you shud include some more tips.

  12. its 2 damn useful…

  13. Useful trick,,,, Thank you very much

  14. Heyy thanks re. really helped! 🙂

  15. thnx 70% solntion given…good actually very good

  16. thanks 🙂
    i have never understood syllogism. but after your tricks it seems to be very easy 🙂
    thank you very much.

  17. thnk u so much its a very easy proccess..but i am a bit confused about the second one “all monkeys and reptiles one”

  18. Hi every one Thanks for your comments.

  19. Statements – All tables are mirrors.
    Some mirrors are chairs.
    All chairs are glasses.

    Conclusions – Some glasses are mirrors.
    Some chairs are tables.
    Some mirrors are tables.
    1) Only I and II follows 2) Only II and III follow.
    2) Only I and III follows 3) All follows

    How to solve this with above given tips………………….

  20. Awesum…it works 🙂

  21. By using this rules, Could u pls explain for three statements.

  22. you are awesome……

  23. i really dnt know dude.. now i m clear thank u loy.. take care have a great life

  24. Its truly effective for the 11th hour preperation..thnx

  25. any short cut method for three-premise arguments?

  26. looking @ his english – even i couldnt be comfort with ven…lol
    and above all i have inferred some rules the jack ass has just copied and pasted it
    He should change his name from fosslover to fartlover

  27. some tools are radios. some radios are ponds. some ponds are mirrors. all mirrors are chalks,,,,, can any1 tell me the conclusion foe 4 statement quest?

  28. thank u dude

  29. statements:Some chairs are handles.
    All handles are pots
    . All pots are mats
    .Some mats are buses.
    Conclusion:I. Some buses are handles.
    Some mats are chairs.
    No buses is handles.
    Some mats are handles.
    cn any1 tell me how to solve this syllogism ???????????????

  30. 5 is the answer

  31. this was awesome… thank you very much….

  32. feeling a little relieved aftr this..!! 🙂
    thanx man

  33. Ravinder kumar

    Raval notations is latest trick for syllogism solutions. In RAVAL NOTATION, each premise and conclusion is written in abbreviated form, and then conclusion is reached simply by connecting abbreviated premises.Syllogism conclusion by Raval Notation is in accordance with Aristotle’s rules for the same. It is visually very transparent and conclusions can be deduced at a glance moreover it solves syllogism problems with any number of statements and it is quickest of all methods. This research paper is published at (University of London). You can add this latest trick in your study content

  34. really its very good solution

  35. Its totally useless….seems like the person is not much exposed to MAT and that is why he has given only 2 examples and that too so simple…..

    • Hi Aman, Yes i am not much exposed to MAT, By the way these are just my understandings. You are really appreciated to add more example if you wish. That can help the others too. Finally thanks for your time in reading my blog.

  36. What about in POSSIBILITIES cases..??

  37. Tank u very much.

  38. Hello… I i dn’t know who u r, but honestly your trick is helpful and awesome one.. Thanku for helping us

    May god bless you…thanku

  39. i am in great confusion to solve this syllogism really your post help me a lot…Thanks 🙂

  40. try this
    stament 1> all cars are table .
    statment 2> some children are table.

    conclusion is
    I some car are children
    II some children are cars

    answeer is neither I and nor II is follow

    use via this rule only

  41. really nice friend..

  42. Hi this is chitralekha i am preparing for IBPS and your post is really very simple way to understand syllogism but if possible post some more examples…

  43. sheetal raina

    hello sir,
    thank you so much for sharing these tips… i really apperciate your work.
    but i am having a great difficulty in solving possibility cases of syllogism…
    could you please help me…

  44. thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuu this is wat i searched for

  45. Thank you sir for such a useful discription. It’s really works and very easy to understand.

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